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Community Tennis Programs for Youth and Adults


There are several tennis programs available in Eastern Massachusetts for beginning players of all ages and abilities. Materials are available for programs that work with able-bodied individuals as well as those with physcial, mental or emotional disabilities. Kristen Liteplo is the USTA Community Relations Manager for Eastern Massachusetts. She can be reached at 508.439.2106 for more information about the following programs.

USTA Junior Team Tennis bridges the gap between the introduction to tennis and formal tournaments or competitive league play. Matches are individual round robin or team format. This program allows players of all abilities to learn skills and compete socially while providing fun, fitness and friendship. The teams stress fair and equal play, appropriate groupings and positive coaching.

Youth state championships bring local players together while a sectional championship is the culminating event. USTA Team Tennis on Campus is an intramural tennis program for colleges. Free coaches training is available for parents and other volunteers.

USTA National Junior Tennis League (NJTL) is a nationwide entry-level public recreation program for children age 8-18 that emphasizes instruction and friendly competition along with academic, citizenship and mentoring programs. Free on-court workshops, program aids and staff training are available.

USTA School Tennis introduces elementary and junior high students to tennis through their physical education curriculum. School districts receive assistance in meeting equipment needs and free teacher-in-service training, curriculum materials, videos and visits from local teaching professionals. Qualified schools can receive financial assistance to develop afterschool intramural tennis programs.

Non-Elimination Tournaments (NETs) are user-friendly tournaments open to all beginner players (ages 8-18) in a community. They use a round-robin format, allowing children to continue practicing their skills and competing regardless of wins and losses. NETs can be run by individuals, community groups, afterschool programs, or park and recreation departments and can be stand alone events or used as a season-opener or program-ending event. Any child between the ages of 8-18 who does not hold a tournament ranking is eligible to play in NETs. The host facility receives a free tournament kit, a case of tennis balls and a certificate for each participant. USTA junior one-year memberships are also provided for the top four boys and girls. Kelly Johnson coordinates NETs in New England. She can be reached at 508.366.3450 ext. 27.