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Eastern Massachusetts Multicultural Participation Program

Supporting Tennis Opportunities for Multicultural Players

USTA New England Eastern Massachusetts has several programs that will help make tournament play year-round less expensive for multicultural junior players and help provide additional playing opportunities. There are three programs:

This reimbursement program is open to all multicultural junior tennis players in Eastern Massachusetts (from Route 495 east to Cape Cod). You will be reimbursed for tournament fees on a matching basis for up to six tournaments.
All you have to do to receive these reimbursements is to complete a MULTICULTURAL PARTICIPATION TOURNAMENT REIMBURSEMENT FORM. Parents must submit this form within 60 days of the tournament(s) played.

USTA New England Eastern Massachusetts has funding available to provide financial assistance to multicultural junior tennis players in Eastern Mass. for expenses related to national, regional and sectional tournament play. Grants will be made on a need-basis. Higher grants will be awarded for players/families with the greatest financial need. The maximum grant will be $500 per child per event.
Please use the MULTICULTURAL PARTICIPATION FINANCIAL AID GRANT REQUEST FORM to apply for these funds. There are general categories of expenses on the form but other specific needs may also be covered, so please submit a request form for your specific situation.

Work is still in progress on a tournament training program to provide additional coaching and training time for Championship level multicultural players in Eastern Massachusetts. The current plan is to provide coaching and training for several hours one to two weeks prior to certain major tournaments. The site will be in the Boston area.
The participation for this program will be by invitation only because of the limited space available. Please look for information to be disseminated as the program is developed.