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Letter To Captains - Feb 2003
February 2003

Welcome to the 2003 USA League Tennis season. Enclosed is a USA Tennis New England calendar as our gift in acknowledgement and recognition of your continued support and promotion of the USA League Tennis presented by Lincoln program. Another contributing factor to the success of the Eastern Mass. league is the involvement of motivated and enthusiastic individuals who coordinate the adult, senior and mixed leagues. Together we have been successful in generating interest in league tennis and improving captain education and training.

The competitiveness of the USA League Tennis program is a direct result of the National Tennis Rating Program (NTRP). In 2002 New England was a pilot section for the dynamic NTRP program. This system is capable of capturing complete match data for each registered player on a real time basis thus generating a more accurate rating, and it allows players to self-rate thus eliminating verification clinics. Self-rating is an important benefit that saves players time and expense. A percentage of last year’s growth is attributed to the ease of entry into the USA League Tennis program as a result of self-rating. At the beginning of the 2002 season, players were concerned with the credibility of self-rating and the dynamic system. By the end of the season, a total of 13 players who were all selfrated, out of 14,500 total participation in New England, were disqualified. Ten of these players were DQed at the local level where, in the past, they would have been able to progress to a Championship event before being observed by verifiers and potentially DQed. For more information about NTRP please visit www.usatennisnewengland.com or call the USA Tennis New England office at 508-366-3450 x29 or x33.

Changes for 2003 which we are excited to tell you about are - #1- Web Site - USA Tennis Eastern Mass will have their own web site and will post USA League Tennis information for adult, senior and mixed - regulations, contacts, calendar of events and dates, schedules, frequently asked questions (FAQs), directions, club contacts, captain memos and more. In addition, junior tournaments and any other Eastern Mass tennis information will be available on this site.

#2-List of coordinators for adults, seniors and mixed - please contact these people if your club has interest in any of these areas. #3- Senior Leagues - the 3.0 and 3.5 senior men’s leagues are now included in the adult schedule of ‘Nights of Play’ (refer to the Club Information Form). This is a step to provide a more structured schedule for players and maximize on available court time. Please contact the 3.5 and 4.0 senior women’s coordinators directly for specific information. #4- Super Senior Men and Women – age limit has been lowered to 60. The SS men’s league is starting its fourth season and the SS women’s league is launching its first season this year. #5- Court reimbursements to clubs-as a result of time and cost savings associated with recent technology the Eastern Mass Adult USA League Tennis league has been able to reallocate the savings to court reimbursements without increasing the player team fee.

Effective as of the 2003 season the court reimbursement will be $136 per home team match (men & women 3.0- 4.5) and $82 per home team match (women 2.5 & men & women 5.0). Reimbursements cover court fees and balls.

Checks will be issued to the clubs mid season and at the end of the season and will be based on actual home matches played and not home matches scheduled to be played. Captains must enter match results on TennisLink within a 48-hour timeframe in order to reflect an accurate club reimbursement.

The captains’ meeting is scheduled for Wednesday March 12th at 7:00PM at the Wightman Tennis Center - 781-237-3324 located at 100 Brown St., Weston, MA. Postcards with meeting information will be mailed to all captains, clubs and facilities that participated in 2002. Your help, by posting notice of this meeting at your club and encouraging any prospective captains to attend, is appreciated. The captains’ packet with materials and timelines will be distributed at this meeting and all rules and regulations will be reviewed. This will be our only meeting; it is critical that all teams be represented. If a captain has not been assigned or is unavailable to attend, please make sure a representative attends to pick up the packet information.

Please complete the enclosed Club Information Form and returned to Didi Weinreb by February 28th. Important- the accuracy of match scheduling is directly related to the information you provide. Refer to this form for USA League Tennis Adult and Senior Men 3.0 & 3.5 ‘Nights of Play’.